The balance between routine and novelty: give me roots but don’t clip my wings


My best friend likes to say that life unfolds in chapters. She often reminds me of this at critical junctures in my life. Together, we’ll note how that was an “exploratory phase.” This one? It’s more about settling, grounding, building. It can be a helpful way of making sense of life, offering a gentle framework […]

Are you really happy or are you just performing well?

are you really happy or performing well

I like to see myself as a real go-getter. I am entrepreneurial at heart, so I enjoy having many projects to manage and I love to go the extra mile for my clients or for the people that depend on me personally. I get a kick out of performing at my best level and wearing […]

Picking Mindful Moments

Strawberries are in season. My kids, like most, love strawberries. They’re too cheap to walk past at my local grocers and I recently brought home two large punnets for the family. Now, it’s a fast-paced world we’ve found ourselves in. The exponentially growing desire for information, efficiency and success has somewhat narrowed our view and […]

Connect on a deeper level by using a sex journal

A great way to deal with overwhelming emotions is to find a great way to express yourself. Journaling has been proven to be very helpful to gain mental clarity and regulate emotions (among many other benefits). Writing creates a safe environment that enables you to be vulnerable and authentic. We use journaling for many aspects […]

I cheer for… an imperfect 2021!

Only one week has passed since the start of the new year and I am already worried. Worried that not much has changed from the previous one. That stress will kick in soon and I won’t be ready enough to cope with it. Worried, because for the first time in many years, I entered January […]

The founding story of Heal Magazine

founding story of Heal Magazine

It has been 3 months since the launch of Heal Magazine! A beautiful milestone and the perfect moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Selma and I am the founder of Heal Magazine. It might seem a bit silly celebrating a three-month anniversary, but for me, launching this magazine has been a very long […]

Can (lucid) dreaming heal us?

lucid dreaming heal us

Flying like an eagle over a bright skyline, having a coffee with Oprah or dancing your ass off on the moon. What if I told you that these are all things you can do? Lucid dreams can be quite amazing and can help you heal on a deeper level. In this article I dive into […]