Heal Magazine Issue 05 | Self Acceptance

Heal Magazine issue 05 self acceptence

Exciting News! Heal Magazine Issue 05 has just landed on our app! 🚀 Immerse yourself in the pages and embark on a transformative journey of healing. Inside issue 05: Essay | From fiction to reality: collective healing in trying times  Amidst challenging times, explore the profound reflections on collective healing. In ‘De Camino,’ Anya Niewierra’s […]

Artist in Portrait: Miranda Skoczek

Miranda Skoczek

I first stumbled upon Miranda Skoczek on Instagram, and I was immediately struck by one her colorful life-size paintings. Melding recognizable forms with abstracts shapes and muted tones with flashes of neon, Skoczek has a distinct and recognizable style as unique as her wide-ranging influences, which include everything from Silk Road textiles to North Indian […]

My journey to easing anxiety: embracing Kendall Jenner’s morning routine

kendall jenner morning routine

Before you start reading this article, I would like to say: my heart goes out to everyone who is affected by the current horrible events. It can feel helpless to watch from a safe distance, but it is important to do what we can. From protesting, to sharing valuable information (online) and donating if we […]

The healing power of scent: Exploring the therapeutic potential of essential oils and aromatherapy

healing power of scent

In today’s fast-paced, sensory-driven world, we frequently underestimate the profound impact scent has on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the therapeutic potential of scent, particularly through the use of essential oils. Throughout history, various cultures, including the ancient Egyptians, Indians, and indigenous societies, have embraced aromatherapy […]

Cover story issue 04: Dr. Jennifer Mullan is decolonizing therapy

decolonizing therapy Dr Jen

Unraveling the threads of intergenerational trauma Dr. Jennifer Mullan describes herself as a colonial consciousness crusher, ancestral wound worker, scholar activist, intergenerational trauma curse breaker, sister, partner, cat mom, and rage doctor, to name a few. In short, she contains multitudes and is here to remind us that we do as well. After more than […]

The difference between being kind and being nice

being kind

Chloe Laws explores the kindness crisis at play in Britain and beyond Calls to #BeKind can be found in the most surprising of places online. From the comments of a known abuser’s posts to my angry Instagram DMs when I criticise the British government for its ongoing mistreatment of asylum seekers. Curiously though, it is […]

Soul-soothing garlic soup: an ode to the power of taste and family

Garlic soup

So many of my childhood memories revolve around being at the dining table with my family and friends, having great (and long) conversations while enjoying a delicious meal. Food is my family’s love language. Last year, my father was diagnosed with dementia. I think Covid hada lot to do with it. He is an older […]

Heal Magazine issue 04 | Shedding layers

Heal magazine issue 4

Hey there! I’m excited to share some fantastic news with you. The latest edition, Issue 04, of our beloved Heal Magazine has officially landed in our app, and trust me, it’s a treasure trove of inspiration and insight that you won’t want to miss out on. First up, let’s dive into the world of poetry […]