Maryam Hasnaa

Cover story issue 6: Maryam Hasnaa is on a journey of spiritual alignment

Maryam Hasnaa

Flower priestess, Sufi mystic, land alchemist, and energy worker are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the multi-faceted Maryam Hasnaa. Beyond the titles, Maryam has found a calling for herself helping other highly sensitive people embody their truest selves and live in alignment with their intuition and inner authority. Through her consciousness studies school, plant medicine work, and other channels, she tackles a range of topics, from the relationship to self, returning to nature, psychic development, energy healing, and plant spirit attunement.

maryam hasnaa

Raised by two spiritual teachers, Maryam has been deeply rooted in the world of mysticism and the sacred since before she was born. Yet amidst such a spiritually immersive upbringing, Maryam had to work to carve out a path that felt right for herself, deprogramming beliefs that didn’t fit her understanding of reality. After a spiritual awakening following the birth of her child, Maryam Hasnaa intuitively was led to the trajectory she’s on now, fusing teachings and techniques from both ancient and modern sources. In our conversation, Maryam shares her spiritual evolution and offers her perspective on the state of our world today.

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Cover story issue 6: Maryam Hasnaa is on a journey of spiritual alignment