Issue 6

Heal Magazine issue 06 | Yin and Yang

Issue 6

Introducing Issue 6 of Heal Magazine: Explore the delicate balance between inner and outer healing journeys. From breaking generational trauma to embracing spiritual alignment, dive into stories of transformation and empowerment.

Inside issue 6

Interview | How to break trauma cycles: a guide to healing

Dr. Mariel Buqué, trauma psychologist and author of Break the Cycle, shares insights and steps to heal intergenerational trauma.

Healing Affirmations | 2024

These affirmations are more than just words — they are invitations to manifest positivity, resilience, and healing into your life.

Soulfood | Sunchoke and lentil stew

Discover the legacy of Moroccan cuisine and the modern twist Selma adds to a cherished family recipe. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation in this heartfelt culinary story.

Cover Story | Maryam Hasnaa

Embark on a spiritual journey with Maryam Hasnaa, exploring her multi-faceted approach to alignment. From her upbringing at the intersection of mystical and dogmatic faiths to her awakening and teachings.

Artist in Portrait | Petecia Le Fawnhawk

Step into the world of artist Petecia Le Fawnhawk, where desert landscapes and surreal imagery rule.  From a transient childhood to finding solace and creative expression in the American Southwest.

Healing Music | Vol. 6

Immerse yourself in Maryam Hasnaa’s Healing Music Playlist, a transformative experience guiding you towards self-discovery and restoration through soothing melodies and healing frequencies.

Jess’s Favorites | Giving back edition 

Discover @nourishwithjess’s top picks for wellness essentials, curated with care for both body and planet. Embrace conscious living with these sustainable favorites, perfect for staying grounded and centered in 2024.

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Heal Magazine issue 06 | Yin and Yang