affirmations to heal from trauma

12 affirmations to heal from trauma

affirmations to heal from trauma

If you have been stuck in a pattern of anxiety, depression or other effects of (complex) ptsd, trauma therapy can be very beneficial. One of the many other tools to help yourself along the way to healing is using affirmations. It is nothing more than affirming and convincing yourself in a positive way.

Let go of negative thoughts and replace them with affirmations. Instead of thinking ‘I’m worth nothing’, you think ‘I am of value’. You will begin to experience the power of repetition as you use the affirmations over and over. Because just like the negative spiral, the same applies to positive thoughts: the more often you have them, the more they convince you. You start to believe the words and that manifests itself in your behaviour, your appearance and your inner world.

Here are 12 affirmations to help you heal from trauma

1. I am safe

2. People are generally good at heart

3. The universe loves me unconditionally

4. I release the feelings of guilt and shame

5. I receive love and kindness with ease and grace

6. Setting firm boundaries comes easy to me

7. My traumatic experiences do not define who I am as a person

8. I am not afraid to be myself, it is safe to be me

9. My value is just as significant as any other person

10. My life and choices are right for me, I don’t need approval for how I live my life

11. I acknowledge and accept that healing is possible

12. It’s ok to let go

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12 affirmations to heal from trauma