Navigating Collective Trauma: Finding Strength Together

collective trauma

In these tumultuous times, it often feels like the world is collectively holding its breath. The global events of the past week have shown us the magnitude of collective trauma. Whether it’s the mass ethnic cleansing in Gaza, the attack in Israel, the earthquakes in Afghanistan, the genocide in Sudan, or the Australian Indigenous Voice […]

4 Ways to Live an Embodied Life in the Modern World


Embodiment: where the mind steps back and the body takes the lead. While this is a key element, embodied living asks us to remember that the mind and body are not separate, but share innate intelligence that, given the chance, offers us deep healing. Yet for many women, today’s modern landscape of rushing, racing and […]

How unhealed trauma shows up in your relationships 

When people think about trauma, they often think about soldiers going to war and returning home with a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While this is a possible scenario, trauma can also be less extreme. Trauma is our emotional reaction to a damaging experience. The psychological equivalent of the body’s reaction to a […]

Holding space: How to support a loved one through depression

Supporting a Loved One Through Depression

It can be difficult and overwhelming to watch a loved one suffer from depression. Unfortunately it not that uncommon, an estimate of 6% of the global adult population experience depression at some stage of their life. When someone we care about is suffering from depression, it is crucial to provide support and understanding during their […]

Healing from complex PTSD: 4 tips from mental health advocate Madeline Popelka

Complex PTSD

Many of us have probably heard the saying “healing isn’t linear.” But for anyone struggling with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (c-PTSD), the path to healing may be hard to see at all. C-PTSD is a specific form of PTSD that is now gaining recognition in the mental health community. While PTSD typically develops after […]

12 affirmations to heal from trauma

affirmations to heal from trauma

If you have been stuck in a pattern of anxiety, depression or other effects of (complex) ptsd, trauma therapy can be very beneficial. One of the many other tools to help yourself along the way to healing is using affirmations. It is nothing more than affirming and convincing yourself in a positive way. Let go […]

How to stay informed, not traumatized: Dr. Alfiee’s 3 tips for people of color

Dr Alfiee

The news can be a lot, especially these days between the war in Ukraine, the refugee crisis, and the all-too-frequent stories of senseless racial violence. For people of color who already have their own unique stressors to deal with this — from daily microaggressions to the wider-reaching effects of systemic racism — it can be […]

Heal Magazine Issue 01 is now live!

issue 01_Heal Magazine

We are excited to announce the launch of the Heal Magazine app, something that has been in the works for a long time. Now, next to the blog articles on our website and our social content,  we can offer you more in-dept content in the form of video, audio, essays and beautiful art.  Inside issue […]

8 Natural Remedies for Sleep

natural remedies for sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning for hours? Or lying in bed staring at the ceiling begging for sleep to come? Or checking the clock constantly hoping that you’ve not spent half the night awake? You’re not alone – insomnia and sleep troubles affect many of us. Struggling to sleep well often stems from […]

Unlearning trauma responses: 5 tips

unlearning trauma responses

When we hear the word trauma we often think about a big event like; abuse, neglect or a car crash, basically a big bad thing that has happened. Although these examples are indeed traumatic events, trauma is a much more expansive experience. We can all recall an event when we did not feel seen or […]