5 ways to heal immigrant daughters’ shame

shame immigrant

As both a licensed trauma therapist and the daughter of immigrant parents, I can relate to a topic that comes up often in therapy: shame. Working with children of immigrants, I am familiar with the shame that accompanies the struggles of biculturalism. Healing this shame can take different forms, and here are five options to […]

Intersectional healing: a guide to inclusive wellness and wellbeing

intersectional healing wellness

Healing isn’t just about fixing physical or mental problems. It’s about understanding how different parts of who we are—like our race, gender, and background—affect our well-being. That’s what intersectional healing is all about. It’s a way of looking at how all these different parts of us fit together and how they impact our health and […]

Embracing your inner critic: go softly with yourself

inner critic_go softly

Take a moment to imagine you are speaking to a beautiful small child. Notice how innocent they are, how sweet they are, how bright their eyes are as they look into yours. Listen as their voice lands in your ears like a songbird sharing with you its authentic expression. Now, imagine how you would speak […]

Healing Generational Trauma: 5 Self-Care Practices from Dr. Mariel Buque

generational trauma

In the quest for healing from generational trauma, Dr. Mariel Buque shares simple self-care practices to nurture body, mind, and spirit. These practices offer a pathway to inner peace and healing for individuals navigating the challenges of intergenerational trauma. 1. Deep breathing: nourishing the nervous system Take a moment for deep breathing. Dr. Buque suggests […]

Strengthening friendships: the power of love and apology languages

Black women friendships

The question I have been asking myself lately is ‘I am being a good friend?’ especially in regard to my female friends. As one of the relationships I cherish the most in my life is sisterhood. When I think of sisterhood, I think of laughter, flowing conversations, comfortable silences and holding space for each other. […]

Grounding: Finding your Unique Roots


Grounding can be explored as a process of connecting to yourself. This is done by slowing down, being present, creating safety, being steady in your thoughts and being connected with your body. It has a descending energy to it, and is associated with having a connection with the earth. The benefits of feeling truly grounded […]

Navigating Collective Trauma: Finding Strength Together

collective trauma

In these tumultuous times, it often feels like the world is collectively holding its breath. The global events of the past week have shown us the magnitude of collective trauma. Whether it’s the mass ethnic cleansing in Gaza, the attack in Israel, the earthquakes in Afghanistan, the genocide in Sudan, or the Australian Indigenous Voice […]

4 Ways to Live an Embodied Life in the Modern World


Embodiment: where the mind steps back and the body takes the lead. While this is a key element, embodied living asks us to remember that the mind and body are not separate, but share innate intelligence that, given the chance, offers us deep healing. Yet for many women, today’s modern landscape of rushing, racing and […]

How unhealed trauma shows up in your relationships 

When people think about trauma, they often think about soldiers going to war and returning home with a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While this is a possible scenario, trauma can also be less extreme. Trauma is our emotional reaction to a damaging experience. The psychological equivalent of the body’s reaction to a […]

Holding space: How to support a loved one through depression

Supporting a Loved One Through Depression

It can be difficult and overwhelming to watch a loved one suffer from depression. Unfortunately it not that uncommon, an estimate of 6% of the global adult population experience depression at some stage of their life. When someone we care about is suffering from depression, it is crucial to provide support and understanding during their […]