How to stay informed, not traumatized: Dr. Alfiee’s 3 tips for people of color

Dr Alfiee

The news can be a lot, especially these days between the war in Ukraine, the refugee crisis, and the all-too-frequent stories of senseless racial violence. For people of color who already have their own unique stressors to deal with this — from daily microaggressions to the wider-reaching effects of systemic racism — it can be […]

8 Natural Remedies for Sleep

natural remedies for sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning for hours? Or lying in bed staring at the ceiling begging for sleep to come? Or checking the clock constantly hoping that you’ve not spent half the night awake? You’re not alone – insomnia and sleep troubles affect many of us. Struggling to sleep well often stems from […]

Unlearning trauma responses: 5 tips

unlearning trauma responses

When we hear the word trauma we often think about a big event like; abuse, neglect or a car crash, basically a big bad thing that has happened. Although these examples are indeed traumatic events, trauma is a much more expansive experience. We can all recall an event when we did not feel seen or […]

10 mental health influencers to follow on Instagram in 2022

mental health influencers

Millions of people watch the lives of Instagram influencers every day and although it may seem like harmless entertainment, the content we view can have an effect on our mental health. The new year might be a great time to clean up your Instagram feed; get rid of the accounts that don’t serve your happiness, […]

How to recover from a vulnerability hangover (4 tips)

vulnerability hangover

You decided to finally speak your mind. Maybe you told your boss that you don’t feel appreciated, your sister something that has bothered you for years or confessed your romantic feelings to that special person. You feel relieved but almost immediately a pit in your stomach followed by obsessive thinking and regret. ‘Did I overreact?’ […]

Picking Mindful Moments

Strawberries are in season. My kids, like most, love strawberries. They’re too cheap to walk past at my local grocers and I recently brought home two large punnets for the family. Now, it’s a fast-paced world we’ve found ourselves in. The exponentially growing desire for information, efficiency and success has somewhat narrowed our view and […]

The Cost of Complaining

the cost of complaining

Everyone has vexing issues that get under their skin from time to time, and it’s human to feel frustration, but what should you do about it? A little whinge on occasion can serve to let off a bit of steam, but complaining rarely does much good, and can even prolong challenging situations. Identify and Interrogate […]

Connect on a deeper level by using a sex journal

A great way to deal with overwhelming emotions is to find a great way to express yourself. Journaling has been proven to be very helpful to gain mental clarity and regulate emotions (among many other benefits). Writing creates a safe environment that enables you to be vulnerable and authentic. We use journaling for many aspects […]

4 tips for a healthy gut

4 tips healthy gut

Is there a direct connection between our diet and our mental health? The short answer is yes -and the explanation lies in our gut. Our digestive system is host to a staggering 100 trillions of microbes (mostly fungi and bacteria of different kinds) – that’s 9 times more microbes than there are cells in our […]

What causes self criticism?

As open and accepting as we may strive to be, for many of us criticism creeps into our consciousness on a daily basis. Whether it’s aimed at our friends, family, the lady on the bus who I can’t believe is wearing that dress or–most commonly–ourselves, our critical gaze casts a wide net, and it can be a […]