Heal Magazine issue 05 self acceptence

Heal Magazine Issue 05 | Self Acceptance

Heal Magazine issue 05 self acceptence

Exciting News! Heal Magazine Issue 05 has just landed on our app! 🚀 Immerse yourself in the pages and embark on a transformative journey of healing.

Inside issue 05:

Essay | From fiction to reality: collective healing in trying times 

Amidst challenging times, explore the profound reflections on collective healing. In ‘De Camino,’ Anya Niewierra’s tale echoes the present struggle in Israel and Palestine, urging us to bridge divides. It’s a call for shared humanity and healing our wounds together. Join the conversation.

Soulfood | Hearty rice and tomato stew + Syrian bread: a nourishing combo steeped in family tradition

Embark on a journey through family traditions with ‘Hearty Rice and Tomato Stew + Syrian Bread.’ From German roots to the captivating aroma of Aunt Mary’s Syrian kitchen, discover the power of food to weave stories and connect generations. Join Elizabeth’s table for a taste of nostalgia.

Cover Story | Danae Mercer

Dive into the pages of our cover interview and uncover the powerful journey of this journalist and self-love influencer as she dismantles unrealistic standards and shares her path to self-acceptance. A conversation that goes beyond the surface.

Artist in Portrait | Maryam Keyhani

The Persian Berlin-based milliner and artist Maryam Keyhani is the maker of whimsical worlds. Find out more about her journey with anxiety medication, her creation process and how art helps her cope with life.

Jess’ Favorites

Embrace the holiday spirit with @nourishwithjess as she unveils her favorite winter essentials. Discover intentional, nourishing, and ethically crafted picks for gifting – because the season is about slowing down and giving with heart

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Heal Magazine Issue 05 | Self Acceptance