5 signs that you are healing


Healing from past trauma is a lifelong journey, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Growing up in the world we live in, and moving through everything that life throws our way, automatically means that we are burdened with a backpack of baggage that we need to carry with us and heal from.

When embarking on your own personal healing journey you might feel like it’s taking forever or you might start to let judgement creep in about where you are or where you need to be. Patience is the key, and quite often you are making progress it’s just subtle and often passes by unnoticed. 

Here are a few signs that you are moving forwards in your healing journey:

1. you no longer mind what other people say or think about you

When you heal yourself you naturally turn more inwards and begin to understand yourself more. You start to understand that nobody is perfect, and that nobody knows all of you, so why would it matter what they think?

2. You no longer take things personally

You realise that just like you, everybody has their own trauma and that how people treat you, has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with the other person and how they choose to cope with their past experiences. You start to understand that the lady who scowls at you in the supermarket is working through her own backpack of baggage and you no longer let that unfriendly moment consume your thoughts. 

3. You have less anxiety while sharing your emotions

Spending time with yourself and honouring your emotions teaches us that our feelings are nothing to be ashamed of. You start to open up more and to be more able to expose your emotions, letting them flow naturally rather than holding them deep inside. Your wounds no longer define you as a person. 

4. You feel healthier

Unconsciously, or maybe consciously, you find yourself living a healthier lifestyle. Gone are the days of sleepless nights, constant colds and bodily aches and pains. You sleep better, take the time to cook nourishing meals for yourself, exercise more often and generally feel more energetic and in tune with your body. You feel lighter and more able to complete acts of self care that perhaps weren’t possible before.

5. You show up more authentically

You no longer feel the need to put on a façade or to mould yourself to fit in with the crowd that you’re spending time with. You allow yourself to show up truly as you are. 

Your life experiences are unique and your healing journey will be too. Healing can take time, be very subtle and show up at different points in your life. Being patient and accepting will help you to keep moving your journey forwards. Enjoy the process and the new beginnings and opportunities that it brings. 

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5 signs that you are healing