The Cost of Complaining

the cost of complaining

Everyone has vexing issues that get under their skin from time to time, and it’s human to feel frustration, but what should you do about it? A little whinge on occasion can serve to let off a bit of steam, but complaining rarely does much good, and can even prolong challenging situations. Identify and Interrogate […]

Connect on a deeper level by using a sex journal

A great way to deal with overwhelming emotions is to find a great way to express yourself. Journaling has been proven to be very helpful to gain mental clarity and regulate emotions (among many other benefits). Writing creates a safe environment that enables you to be vulnerable and authentic. We use journaling for many aspects […]

4 tips for a healthy gut

4 tips healthy gut

Is there a direct connection between our diet and our mental health? The short answer is yes -and the explanation lies in our gut. Our digestive system is host to a staggering 100 trillions of microbes (mostly fungi and bacteria of different kinds) – that’s 9 times more microbes than there are cells in our […]

What causes self criticism?

As open and accepting as we may strive to be, for many of us criticism creeps into our consciousness on a daily basis. Whether it’s aimed at our friends, family, the lady on the bus who I can’t believe is wearing that dress or–most commonly–ourselves, our critical gaze casts a wide net, and it can be a […]

How to incorporate breath work into your daily routine

Incorporating breath work into our daily routine might seem like a strange thing to strive for. We breathe naturally everyday – why do we have to park time aside in our already busy schedules to breathe? This is true – we inhale and exhale without even thinking about it and we take around 20,000 breaths […]

A toolkit for preventing or soothing anxiety attacks

Enduring a panic or anxiety attack is tough. Many come with sudden overwhelming surges of fear, panic or stress that take over your whole body. They can have both physical and emotional symptoms such as difficulty breathing, sweating, shaking, pounding heart and chest pain. Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more common due to the […]

An introduction to the Ayuervedic Doshas

ayurvedic doshas

Ayurveda has been around for a long time! It dates back well over 5,000 years and its name is derived from two Sanskrit words: ‘ayuh’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘veda’ meaning science or sacred knowledge. Therefore, it roughly translates as ‘the sacred knowledge of life’.  At its core, Ayurveda is a holistic tradition and a way […]

5 signs that you are healing

Healing from past trauma is a lifelong journey, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Growing up in the world we live in, and moving through everything that life throws our way, automatically means that we are burdened with a backpack of baggage that we need to carry with us and heal from. When embarking […]

How to navigate the seasonal energy shift

Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are yellowing and falling, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are nestled in people’s hands and the air feels crisp. Just as the seasons cycle every year so do our mindset and energetic balance. It’s a good idea to use these weather based shifts to reassess our self-care routines and […]

The magic of Reiki during pregnancy and beyond

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most special journeys a woman will embark on in her lifetime. Over a short nine months women transition into mothers as their tiny baby flourishes and grows inside of them. It’s a time to celebrate, to nurture new life, to experience joy and to prepare and nest. For many […]