are you really happy or performing well

Are you really happy or are you just performing well?

are you really happy or performing well

I like to see myself as a real go-getter. I am entrepreneurial at heart, so I enjoy having many projects to manage and I love to go the extra mile for my clients or for the people that depend on me personally.

I get a kick out of performing at my best level and wearing many hats. Yet, when you would ask me when I’m most happy I would answer with an anecdote from when I was traveling in Brazil, doing something creative or simply hanging on the couch with my fiancé.

Mainly moments where I am not working and well rested. The thing is, I have been on the couch with a loved one being too tired to have a normal conversation, let alone enjoy the moment truly, and I have tried to do something creative such as writing when I was stressed out and those moments don’t make it to the happy list either.

The main reason I feel tired, sleep bad or am less grounded than I’d like to be is, you’re guessing where I am going with this; work.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like my job and I am really good at it. But how can it be that I enjoy being busy but it’s not serving my happiness?

Can it be that the validation I receive when a client is happy with my work, or when meeting yet another impossible deadline is giving me gratification disguised as happiness?

This got me thinking about the way many of us live our lives. The work that we do can give us the conformation that we are doing well, but the rush we get from that validation can push us to work harder than our body can take. The racing mind after a day of all work and no rest can deprive us from much needed sleep and crossing one thing after the other off your obligatory list leaves no room to just be and enjoy life as it is.

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Are you really happy or are you just performing well?